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 in-tel-lect [in-tl-ekt]


  1. capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge.
  2. the power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands.
  3. a person possessing a great capacity for thought and knowledge.


More than 3,000 homework problems and exams, 500 examples and help/tutoring lessons covering: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Physics!

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Drowning in your schoolwork? Can't keep up? Having difficulty retaining what you learn? Struggling to perform on exams? Are MATH and SCIENCE your most dreaded courses? Befuddled by thought problems? Having difficulty memorizing long equations or with critical thought and problem-solving skills? Memorizing equations can be confusing, difficult to remember and you may find it challenging to apply them outside of classroom situations.

Most students have a difficult time understanding what the instructor is teaching. Yet the instructor doesn't have time to help you learn the material. It is generally known to instructors teaching physics courses that students are often inadequately prepared in basic math and physics principles at the time of taking intermediate courses in physics. Generally, students have a tendency to avoid entering physics oriented curriculums or careers because they fear the difficulty of the courses.

GROWINTELLECT.COM provides a method of learning the sciences, math and engineering that will ensure mastery of the topic; not just reciting correct answers, but also understanding each fundamental principle that leads to the correct conclusion of problem solving. It is an individualized tutor, which anticipates questions, provides answers, and solves problems step by step. It closes gaps in understanding or lack of instruction. Fundamental principles are simplified for easy learning, applied to real life situations, and the 'helps' and 'examples' direct the student to correct solutions.